Ralph Wien Memorial Airport Departures

TSA security

Ralph Wien Memorial Airport has its special security measures provided by TSA security.

Transportation security Organization works to achieve the highest levels of transportation security. Major domestic and international airports follow TSA procedures. TSA security has its security procedures to make passengers' transportation safe.

TSA security recommends travelers to be at the OTZ airport terminal at least two hours before their scheduled departure time. Security wait times can take a long time, depending on several reasons. So, be sure to have enough time for parking, if you want to leave a car at the OTZ airport terminal, or have enough time for different security procedures.

Security screening

The screening procedure is a part of TSA security at OTZ airport. TSA screening procedure is responsible for traveler's safety, and it ensures passengers to get safely to their destinations.

During the screening procedure, TSA officers ask travelers to remove their shoes, coats, belts, jackets, laptops, and place them into the bin to undergo X-ray screening. At the same time, they also go through the metal detector body scanner.

TSA security has special rules on "prohibited items" that every passenger should follow.

Several items are not permitted to be in the luggage. Prohibited items such as sharp objects, cigar cutters, disposable razors, and many others are not allowed to be in the baggage while they may be permitted in the checked baggage.

Transportation Security Organization at OTZ airport has provided the TSA Precheck program for travelers. The TSA Precheck program allows applicants to have an effortless and comfortable travel experience. TSA Precheck applicants do not need to remove shoes, belts, light jackets, or laptops and can speed their TSA screening process. For online registration, please visit TSA official website.

Legal documents

All passengers traveling both domestic or international flights are required to provide a valid identification form at the OTZ airport checkpoint. Beginning 2020, all travelers 18 years of age or older have to provide a Real ID-compliant card, driver's license, or another acceptable form of ID at the OTZA airport checkpoint for identification.

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