Cork Airport Departures

Airport Police Service

The Airport Police Service (shortly referred to as APS) is responsible for safety, general policing, and aviation security at the State airports in Dublin and Cork. APS agents are also tasked with the safety duties of the State airports to protect civil aviation from any unlawful acts. APS aims to immediately respond to emergencies and airport traffic management to ensure that all users of State airports can relax and enjoy a safe environment while traveling and working through the Cork and Dublin airports.

Hand Baggage Allowances

There are some restrictions and allowances of hand baggage rules at Cork Airport. EU aviation security manages and regulates the presence of any prohibited items, liquid, gels, aerosols, or pastes that consist of no more than 100mls at security screening. ORK Passengers can carry liquids in individual containers and packages of 100mls or even less, that will be packed in a re-sealable, single transparent one-liter plastic bag. All passengers at ORK airport should familiarise themselves with security regulations, which will provide a smooth transition during the security screening procedures.

There are two hand baggage exceptions in the rule:

  • Passengers can carry baby food during the flight.
  • Medicines can be carried during the flight.

Security screening and procedures

Passengers should go through the security point, where they must place the transparent re-sealable bag that contains liquids, in a separate tray. Besides, other objects such as electronic devices should be put in a bin for X-ray screening. Passengers will be asked to remove coats, jackets, belts, and shoes for security screening.

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