Cork Airport Arrivals

Passport control

All arrivals at Cork Airport must proceed to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB), which is responsible for immigration operations and passport control procedures at Cork Airport.

Customs - Blue Channel

If passengers traveled entirely throughout the EU, they would use the ORK Blue channel after reclaiming baggage. Customs officers are in charge of monitoring the Blue Channel area. If a passenger has something to declare to the Customs area, he/she should go directly to the Red Point. However, passengers whose journey commenced in another EU country do not have to make any declaration upon their arrival at Cork and can proceed through the Blue Channel.

Customs - Green and Red Channels

Those passengers who arrive in Cork Airport should use Green Channels if they:

  • Visited from non-EU countries, the Channel Islands, or the Canary Islands.
  • Passengers from an EU airport (based outside the EU).

Besides, those arrival passengers must clear customs by going through the Green or Red Channel in Ireland. Passengers can go through the Green Channel if they are sure that they have no more luggage than is allowed. Passengers should go through the Red Channel if they are in doubt, or have more baggage to which they are entitled, or have any restricted or prohibited goods.

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