Newcastle International Airport Parking

Short Stay

The Short Stay 1 car park can be directly opposite the terminal building and offers comfortable and secure parking from several hours to a few days.

The Short Stay 2 parking is located just a short walk from airport check-in. Commuters should proceed on foot to the terminal.

Upon arrival at Short Stay 1 & 2, take a ticket at the entry barrier. The ANPR camera system will recognize registration. From here, simply passengers should park up and make the short walk to the facility check-in. Customers have to make sure they keep their car park entry ticket in a secure place as they will need it on return to assist their exit.

After returning and locating a vehicle, travelers must proceed to the exit barrier. Insert their car park ticket into the exit ticket machine. The vehicle park system will recognize the details of the car, and the gate will open. In case of having any difficulties, commuters should press the help button that can be found on the exit machine to speak to an operative and quote their reference.

Long Stay

Long Stay car park provides a convenient and secure parking environment with a 24-hour courtesy bus to the terminal. This product is fully amendable.

Taking a ticket from the entrance barrier enables access to park the vehicle. Cameras will record its registration number. After parking, making their way to the nearest bus stop, the courtesy bus operates a convenient and quick service with 24-hour coach transfer direct to the terminal in only a few minutes. Passengers should ensure to keep the ticket in a safe place for their return. Another essential recommendation to note is that all bookings which require amendments or refunds must be notified before the original arrival date.

After collecting a car, passengers should proceed to the exit barrier to insert the ticket. Cameras will record vehicle registration, check against their booking, and facilitate exit from the vehicle park. In case of experiencing difficulties, customers should press the Help button to speak to the operator, quoting their name, booking reference, and vehicle registration numbers.

Premium Fast Track

Our Premium Fast Track Parking allows you to park right outside the terminal. This parking product includes a complimentary Security Fast Track pass for up to five passengers, for a price of £4.00 each.