London City Airport Departures


London City Airport is working to process passengers as quickly as possible. Commuters are recommended to allow additional time for security procedures, especially during peak times.

Security at the LCY does not only include screening bags.

Passengers should consider that baggage rules vary depending on airlines and the type of ticket obtained. Customers are encouraged to examine baggage rules with their airline before arriving at London City Airport.

The facility advises travelers to be prepared when reaching security checkpoints; all cabin luggage will be X-ray screened.

Passengers should place large electrical items and laptops individually in a tray after removing the outer casing or sleeve.

Hand baggage and layer should be placed into a tray.

All liquid items must be correctly bagged and placed into the tray.

Pushchairs are subject to hand search, and walking aids are X-ray screened.

For avoiding possible delays at the security, passengers are recommended to pack food and powders in to hold luggage wherever possible since these items can obstruct images on x-ray machines, which leads to additional manual bag checks.

Arrival and Boarding

LCY includes only one terminal, so traveling is faster than at other airports in the city. Commuters must meet the following times, or they will not be allowed to travel:

  • Check-in closes 20 minutes before the scheduled flight departure, so passengers should pass through security at least twenty minutes before the flight departs.
  • Travelers are urged to arrive at their boarding gate at least 10 minutes before their flight.
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