London City Airport Arrivals

Passport Control

Lane 1

European chipped-passport holders are free to use the automated e-passport gates that serve as an alternative to regular passport checks. The machine scans e-passport at the barrier runs a face-recognition check against the chip in the passport, and then, if passengers are eligible to enter the U.K., the gate opens automatically. Travelers have to be over 18 and have an e-passport issued by Switzerland or any country in the European Economic Area to use Lane 1’s automated gates.

Lane 2

This lane is used for the European Union (E.U.), British, European Economic Area (EEA), and Swiss nationals.

Lane 3

Lane 3 is dedicated to all other nationalities. Commuters who use this lane are also required to complete a landing card.

In lanes, a Border Force representative will ask passengers to show their passport or valid travel document along with any other supporting documentation that is necessary for their visit. Commuters should remember that passport must not expire during their visit to the U.K. For information regarding entry requirements into the U.K., and customers can visit the Border Force website.

Stopovers in Britain

There is nowhere to sleep at London City Airport. In case of a booking that includes a stop in a local hotel, passengers should follow the signs to Arrivals. Commuters can leave the facility via Baggage Reclaim, Passport Control, and Customs, and check-in as usual when it’s time to continue their journey.

Border Force requires everyone entering the country to present themselves to Immigration as the first port of call, so all travelers need to ensure their visa/passport permits them entry into the U.K.

Registered Travelers

Australian, Japanese, American, Canadian, and New Zealand nationals can get quicker entry through the border by receiving Registered Travellers status.

Becoming a Registered Traveller allows customers to use the automated e-passport gates (in case of having a biometric passport); use the EU/UK lanes; avoid filling in a landing card or having to pass a credibility interview during each arrival, and enter without providing fingerprints (visa holders).

Baggage Claim

After going through passport control, commuters should follow the yellow signs that indicate the direction for ‘Arrivals/Baggage reclaim’ and look for their flight on the information screens to learn which carousel their luggage will arrive on.

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