Humberside Airport Parking

Passenger drop-off and pick-up

Humberside Airport provides various car park sites that are even signposted to find. HUY parking zones are within a short walking distance from the main terminal. A drop-off zone for passengers (with luggage) is accessible close to the terminal, in car park N1. If the driver is meeting passengers from the arriving area, he/she should park in the short stay car park - Car Park 1, which is free for 15 minutes. Passengers can reserve car park zone in Long Stay, in Car Parks, 2, 3, or 4.

Car Park Restrictions

Drivers must be aware that any vehicles which will be parked on yellow lines, red lines, or on the restricted areas (e.g., bus zone) will be charged with fees. The Vehicle Control Services Limited 2 Europa Court, along with Sheffield Business Park and Sheffield S9 1XE, operate and control HUY parking on behalf of the airport.

Accessible Parking

HUY provides dedicated accessible parking spaces for disabled, which are available for blue badge holders. The blue badge allows its holders unlimited duration of stay in a short stay zone.

Parking entry and exit procedures

The HUY airport parking does not require advance payment. Customers should park, and then pay upon their departure. Payment can be made at any automatic ticket machines available at the car park zones. HUY Payment machines accept all credit and debit cards along with cash. Parking receipts are available upon customers' request. Customers take a ticket from the arrivals barrier. On departure, customers need to proceed to the exit, then insert a ticket, followed by their credit or debit card. Those customers who have pre-booked should follow the instructions on their booking confirmation email.

Short Stay Prices

Customers can use the HUY car park at the Short Stay zone for the following hourly rates:

  • Free - up to 15-minutes
  • Up to 1-hour£4.50
  • 1 to 2-hour£8.50
  • 2 to 5-hours£15.00
  • 5 to 8-hours£20.00
  • 8 to 11-hours£25.00
  • Up to 24-hours - £30.00
  • An additional day - £30.00.

Long Stay Prices

Customers can use the HUY car park at the Long Stay zone for the following daily rates:

  • 1-Day - £35.75
  • 2-Days - £36.85
  • 3-Days - £41.25
  • 4-Days - £51.15
  • 5-Days - £56.10
  • 6-Days - £61.05
  • 7-Days - £66.55
  • 8-Days - £71.50
  • 9-Days - £76.45
  • 10-Days - £81.40
  • 11-Days - £86.35
  • 12-Days - £91.30
  • 13-Days - £96.25
  • 14-Days - £101.20
  • 15-Days - £106.15
  • An additional day - £4.50.