Humberside Airport Departures

Security Procedures

Passengers should go through security checkpoints once they get an airline boarding pass. At checkpoints, passengers need to put their belongings, such as electronic devices, metal-made items, liquid packages, etc., in a separate tray for X-ray screening. Also, sometimes passengers are asked by security officers to remove coats, jackets, belts, and even shoes.

Security for Special Assistance

At Humberside Airport, all security officers are well-trained and able to understand any sensitivities regarding limited mobility, disabilities, and other individual needs, to assist those travelers during security procedures. At HUY, wheelchair users can stay in their wheelchair and receive a manual body, pat-down checking. The security officers may also swab passenger's shoes and hands with a dry piece of cloth, which is later placed in a tray for X-ray to detect any outlawed substances immediately. Passengers with the need for assistance can request special seating close to the archways along with a private search area. If the manual search is required for a passenger, he/she must inform the security officers if he/she has sensitive or sore areas on the body or even a piece of medical equipment, such as an ostomy bag, or an insulin pump.

Identification requirements

Passengers coming to Humberside Airport must ensure that they hold a valid passport, identification documents, and visa (if necessary) to be allowed onboarding. The airport itself, along with many other authorities (e.g., airlines), requires passengers to bring a valid passport, which is visible for at least six months, from the time passenger flies. Passengers who fly through domestic flights, airlines require them to show identity documents with an appropriate photo. Hence, each passenger is highly recommended to check with their airlines, and if necessary, with the UK Passport Authority, to make sure they hold the right documents.

Check-in Times

At Humberside Airport check-in counters generally open around 2-3 hours before the scheduled flight is due to depart. The Check-in desk itself begins in the early morning at 04.30 am and operates until 06.10 am, last flight to Amsterdam. However, passengers are still encouraged to check their travel itinerary, ticket, or contact their airline for further information on further check-in procedures and times.

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