Guernsey Airport Departures


The registration regions are situated at the left or western finish of the landside concourse and are unmistakably marked inside the terminal. If you have just checked in on the web and just have hand things, you may go legitimately through security to the flight relax. Check your ticket or contact your aircraft for counsel on checking-in times.

At Check-in

To spare time, have your tickets and distinguishing proof prepared (identification, driving permit, or resident card), and ensure your hand stuff contains just assets and things you will require during the excursion.

Online Check-in

Bunches of carriers offer online registration from two to 24 hours before the flight. There is an option for you to pick your seat or print your boarding card from your PC or cell phone – and when you get to the air terminal, basically take your stuff to the pack drop office.

Hand baggage

We suggest that you check the most extreme size and amount of hand baggage things permitted with your aircraft, preceding your flight.

Security and boarding

There's bounty to do in the takeoff relax, from obligation free shopping, the bistro/eatery, and bar, or simply unwind in the parlor. There's additionally free WiFi and a TV accessible. We suggest you go straightforwardly through security after registration and into the takeoffs relax. Data screens in the takeoffs relax show flights, loading up times, and entryway numbers. Loading up times can fluctuate yet usually start around 20 minutes before takeoff. If travelers need extraordinary help, please book this when purchasing your ticket, with a suggested notice time of 48 hours.


The security procedure ensures that travelers don't accept precluded things. This assignment adds time to your excursion through the air terminal and onto your airplane.

Like different air terminals around the British Isles, Guernsey Airport has put resources into body checking innovation to guarantee the security of travelers, airplanes and keep disallowed articles from entering primary zones of the air terminal. A body scanner millimeter-wave is used to find protests on an individual that is covered under attire. Millimeter-wave imaging offers a better methodology for screening individuals thought about than existing strategies, for example, metal indicators with hand search. It works by ricocheting millimeter waves off a person's skin to create a blueprint picture of the individual's body, indicating any hid, conceivably perilous items.

The scanner shows a sign of conceivable danger regions on a featureless body plot picture. The safety crew utilizes this data to decide whether a physical inquiry is required. This element dispenses with the requirement for any individual to see any checked pictures, which at that point disposes of any worries travelers may have about security issues. The images inside the gear, so the millimeter-wave image of the traveler is never observed, put away, printed, or transmitted. The scanner is modified with the goal that no picture can be held, reproduced, or transferred.

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