EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Parking

The international aspect of the airport is also reflected in the parking options. Parking is possible in the Swiss and French sector, and prices are almost equal. The French vehicle parks are divided into Short-stay parking (F1) and Long stay parking (F4, F3, F5, and F6). Parking on car park F3 Res@park is only available after an online reservation. The same partition applies to the Swiss car parks, that are split into Short-stay parking (S1 and S2) and Long stay parking (S3, S4, S12, and S13). Drivers who are interested in bringing or picking up passengers can use F1 (French), P Departures, or P Arrivals (Swiss).

How to park

After entering the parking of their choice, passengers will have to take a ticket marked with date and time. This ticket should be kept during their trip and used to pay fees at one of the ticket machines upon their return. Commuters are recommended to keep the parking ticket with them and pay the price at the facility terminal before returning to the vehicle park.

Parking tickets are marked with the number of the used parking. F1 to F6 are conveniently located on the French side, S1 to S13 on the Swiss side.

The airport guarantees free passage at the car parks within 10 minutes.