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Passing through the security checks

The security staff carries out checks for the safety of passengers concerning them.

The airport recommends that passengers double-check the information that indicates when they should be at the security checkpoints before take-off, to provide themselves sufficient time to pass through the checkpoints and allow them to reach the departure gate in good time. Commuters can learn about a few recommendations about passing through security at the airport described below.

  • Travelers are advised to make sure that their hand luggage contains no objects prohibited in cabin luggage.
  • The boarding pass should be shown to the security representative.
  • Hand luggage should be placed on the conveyor belt of the X-ray machine.
  • Passengers are required to remove the plastic bag containing liquids, cameras, laptop computers, and any other large electrical appliance and place them in the bins.
  • Travelers should also remove their jacket or coat, hat, scarf, etc. and empty their pockets (mobile phone, keys, change, etc.). Place them in a bin. Commuters may be asked to remove their belt or shoes.
  • Passengers may undergo further checks like body searches (this will be carried out by a person of the same sex as a passenger), or their hand baggage may be searched.
  • After the security check, it is essential not to forget to recover all personal effects from the conveyor belt of the X-ray machine and proceed to the departure hall.


Passengers are recommended to refer to the table below, indicating when they should be at the terminal building before take-off, to provide themselves with sufficient time to pass through the security checks and allow them to reach their departure gate in enough time. These indications are general, which means that during peak hours, longer waiting times may be required at the security checks. Therefore, the airport cannot give any guarantee and assume no liability that the observance of the stated times ensures reaching the flight in all cases. Therefore EAP advises travelers to generally arrive at the airport terminal early enough and immediately proceed to the security checkpoints after the check-in.

If passengers have already checked in for their flight (the evening before or via the internet) and have no luggage to register, they are advised to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before the scheduled departure.

In case travelers are required to check-in at the airport (at the desk or an automatic check-in machine) or have luggage to register at least two hours before departure. After arriving at EAP, commuters should proceed directly to the check-in counter/machine and then immediately to the security checks.

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