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Simplified control procedures for more than 70% of travelers are now possible thanks to infrastructural adjustments at the airport.

The following infrastructural adjustments are new:

  • on the departure level of the boarding area: two passport control points have been installed for the Swiss border guards and the French airport police before entry to the non-Schengen area
  • on the arrival level: new doors that separate the flow of arriving non-Schengen and Schengen commuters have been added, and two new passport control points have been provided for the French airport police and the Swiss border guards before baggage collection on arrival
  • partitions fully separating the non-Schengen and Schengen zones
  • on the arrival and departure levels: additional control areas have been established to allow other travelers to proceed unrestrictedly if individual questioning should be necessary

Border police controls for non-Schengen passengers

Since 2007 the Swiss Border Guard has been in charge of border police controls of travelers arriving and departing in the Swiss sector. Previously border guards were only responsible for managing and monitoring private air traffic at the facility. Commuters boarding a non-Schengen flight or arriving on a non-Schengen plane are required to submit to controls following the Schengen border law regulations. These regulations are identical to those in force at the outer Schengen border. In practice, this means that every customer will have to submit to passport control. The extent of the control depends on the traveler’s status. For Swiss citizens or EFTA or European Union citizens, immigration controls include less searching. For citizens of other countries or commuters who require a visa, it will be more searching. They will be questioned by the border guards using the Schengen Information System (SIS).

In addition to inspecting air travelers’ documents, the border guards provide Swiss citizens with a much-appreciated service. Therefore they may continue to apply for emergency passports if a passport or ID is lost or expires before take-off.

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