George Best Belfast City Airport Parking

Short Stay

The short-stay park at George Best Belfast City Airport represents the best option for when customers need to meet and greet a passenger from Arrivals or in case of short journeys.

The short-term parking area is the first car park on the right-hand side as passengers enter the facility grounds and are available just minutes away from the terminal building. Alongside the short stay car park, commuters can find the pick-up/drop-off lanes.

If passengers enter the short stay car park or the pick-up/ drop off area and leave within 10 minutes, their stay will be free of charge.

Long Stay

The long-stay car park at the airport can be considered the most cost-effective option in case of extended stays, long journeys, and those who leave Belfast City Airport for a one week or two week holiday.

The long-stay car park represents the most significant car park and is approximately within a ten-minute walk from the terminal building.

Premier Park

The premier car park can be considered the best option for commuters as well as the business travelers as it is the closest car park to the terminal, which means it’s just a two-minute walk from both arrivals and checks.

Each premier car parking booking includes one free, fast track security pass for use in the fast track security lane. Therefore passengers can reach the departure lounge faster and have more time to relax before boarding their flight.

Fast track security pass is only valid at the airport.

When booking a stay in the premier car park, the facility automatically extends the booking exit time of the commuters to the maximum stay based on what they have paid for, which can give passengers peace of mind in the case of a flight cancellation or delay.

If customers book four or more stays in any month for the premier car park, they will automatically be entered into the loyalty prize draw to win a complimentary monthly car parking pass for future use.

Fast Track Security Passes

Passengers are welcome to save time with an exclusive access lane to the security search area.

The facility is extending its annual pass portfolio to include Fast Track Security passes. These annual passes allow users access to the exclusive Fast Track Security lane for one whole year.

Fast Track Security passes offer a great compliment to an annual parking passes and represent an ideal present for someone who regularly travels through Belfast City Airport.