George Best Belfast City Airport Airport Services

Lost & Found

If the passenger loses an item at Belfast City Airport, or onboard an inbound aircraft, they should contact the Lost Property Department with the Contact Us form. A representative of the team will get back to them within 48 hours.

Passports, driving licenses, as well as other legal documents, are not stored at Belfast City Airport but are posted back to the appropriate government offices every week.

Bank cards are also returned to the relevant bank every week.

Items that cannot be kept for cleanliness reasons are immediately disposed of. Perishable items also cannot be kept and, accordingly, are also be arranged quickly.

Luggage that is checked-in at the facility and does not arrive at the end destination is not classified as lost property. Instead, it is categorized as mishandled baggage and should be followed up with the relevant airline or its handling agent Swissport.

Lost belongings are available for collection from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 09:00-15:00. The collection office does not operate on Saturday and Sunday.