Bangor International Airport Transfers

Bus service

The Community Connector provides the bus service at the airport. It is a municipally-owned public bus system, which connects Bangor with outlying cities, such as Veazie, Old Town, Brewer, Orono, and Hampden. The City of Bangor operates the bus system. The bus line Capehart serves rides from Union St. to Bangor International Airport, also Airport Mall, and Capehart. The bus fees vary from the monthly pass( which is 45 dollars) to reduced fare ticket for students and seniors, that costs 0.75 $.

About a mile away from the airport, there are also Concord Coach and Cyr Bus Lines, operating rides to Portland, Northern Maine, and Boston.

Rideshare services

From rideshare companies, Bangor International Airport is on the Uber and Lyft system. Both of these companies are operating rides from and to the airport. The vehicle type and the ride type( private or shared trip) is depended on the passenger’s will.