Bangor International Airport Terminals

Bangor International Airport's terminal building consists of two-level. There is a domestic terminal on the first and second floors and an international terminal on the second floor, and there are six gates on both levels of the BGR building.

Domestic Terminal

The domestic terminal covers both floors of the Bangor International Airport building. Altogether it has five gates. On the first floor, there are ticketing area, baggage claim, and car rental areas, and meeting space for arriving passengers. On the first floor of the domestic terminal, there also are restrooms, family toilets, and the nursing room for mothers. With escalators and elevators, passengers can go up to the second floor of the building.

On the second floor of the terminal, there is the main area for the airport services. Including the boarding gates, there also are restrooms, cafes, charging stations, and play areas for the kids.

International Terminal

An international terminal of Bangor International Airport is located on the second floor of the airport building. With facilities such as restrooms, restaurants, play areas, and so on, there also is a tourist center where passengers can get any information about the city and surrounding areas.