Bangor International Airport Parking

Bangor International Airport administration claims that the parking at the airport is super cheap and convenient.

Cell Phone parking lot

If you are just dropping off a passenger or picking up your friend from the airport, you need to use a cell phone parking. The cell phone lot is a free parking space, where drivers are required to stay in the vehicles and do not wait in the lot very long.

Short-term parking lot

In the short-term parking lot, every 30 minutes costs 1 dollar. The maximum daily rate goes up to 17 dollars. To get to the short-term parking lot, you must follow the signs at Godfrey Boulevard.

Long-term parking lot

In the long-term parking lot, every 30 minutes of parking costs 1 dollar, and the maximum daily fee is 11 dollars. In a week of parking a car at the long-term parking lot, you will be charged for 70 dollars.

Shuttle lot parking

The shuttle lot is available for the 9 dollars per day of parking. In a week, parking at this lot costs 56 dollars. Shuttle service is available from the lot to the terminal.