Bangor International Airport Airport Services


For the passengers who want to buy souvenirs and gifts at Bangor International Airport, The Grasshopper Shop is there in the travelers’ service. This shop provides items such as clothing, novelties, toys, accessories, jewelry, and so on.

There also is the Bangor News and Gifts shop, which provides excellent reading material, anything from newspapers to bestseller novels. They also have a massive selection of local gifts.


Bangor International airport provides an excellent option for food and coffee to their visitors.

Refueler Pub & Grill, located on the second floor of the terminal, offers daily specials, pub menu, and traditional dishes to its customers.

The Highlands Cafe provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, with a comprehensive set of coffees.


At Bangor International Airport, only enclosed emotional support animals are allowed. The pet relief area is on the second level of the domestic terminal in the post-security area, next to gate 3.

Baggage carts

At BGR, there are baggage carts available for the passengers to use while loading or unloading their luggage from the cars. The baggage cart is usually on the first floor of the terminal.


If you are low on cash, there is an automatic teller machine on the second level of the domestic terminal. The ARM is located near the Refueler Pub & Grill.


Bangor International Airport provides support for senior citizens, people with disabilities, etc. The airport building is accessible to the persons in a wheelchair. There are escalators and elevators available for travelers. If the passenger needs additional help, bu calling their airline before the flight, they will get a helpful person at the boarding space too.