Augusta Regional Airport(Bush Field) Departures

TSA checkpoints

Transportation Security Administration operates security procedures at Augusta Regional Airport. TSA provides its service at the security checkpoints and also tries to ensure the secure environment in the whole airport territory. At the security checkpoint, TSA officers ask travelers to place their carry-on baggage on the table for the screening. Passengers must remember to take out laptops and other electronic devices that are more significant than a cell phone out of their bags. Mobile phones can stay in the carry-on bag. There is a long list of prohibited and allowed items on board, and everyone can see that list on the official website of TSA. Transportation Security Administration officers ask travelers to place jackets, belts, shoes in the containers for the screening, and the passengers go through the full-body testing too. To check passengers on weapons and guns is the number one priority for the TSA. In case if there appears a suspicious object in the bag, TSA officers can ask travelers to open their carry-on bags for further check. After baggage checking, passengers must provide valid identification documents, such as passport, U.S. passport card, Driver's license, and so on. Travelers who are under 18 are not required to present any identification form, other than a boarding pass.


To reduce security wait time, and also make sure their passengers are not having a stressful flight, Augusta Regional Airport, and Transportation Security Administration, provide several travel tips and recommendations. Passengers arriving at the airport at least one hour before departure is the number one recommendation. After arriving, every passenger should check in to their airline immediately. TSA recommends passengers not to lock their checked-in baggage, and for the carry-on luggage, they should organize the items in it. Passengers should stay away from wearing a lot of jewelry, accessories, and clothing that has metal in it. Metal things will set off the alarm at the screening checkpoints. Also, travelers should not bring drinks at the security checkpoints.

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